Benefits of a Gut Cleanse

Benefits of a Gut Cleanse


First of all, what is our 'gut'?  GI tract?  Your GI tract consists of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and colon is the system responsible for absorbing nutrients for your entire body. Over time, undigested material, preservatives in foods, chemicals, pollutants and other toxins can build up and lodge in the intestinal tract in the form of fecal matter and mucus known as mucoid plaque. It has been estimated that the average person has between 4-20 lbs. of mucoid plaque built up in their system. When this happens, your body’s ability to effectively digest and distribute what you’ve eaten becomes seriously compromised, which can lead to stomach pain, bloating, low energy levels, constipation, poor organ health, a weakened immune system, a slowed metabolism, and weight gain.  

Our GI tract is it's own world.  We have both good and bad bacteria inside of our of digestive systems, and some of those bacteria are designed to help us a have a healthy gut so that we can avoid symptoms like headaches and arthritis.

However, your body might need some help with flushing out some leftover bacteria, and it’s best to consult with your doctor to see you’re in need of a gut cleanse. If you need a gut cleanse, you’ll find that there are several benefits to giving your body a healthy reset.


The colon works hard to make sure that you have the proper amount of good and bad bacteria in your gut, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a little push in the form a gut cleanse to make sure that things are healthy.

Here are a few symptoms of an unhealthy colon:

  • A healthy gut can process and eliminate the harmful bacteria in your digestive tract on a relatively frequent basis. If you are experiencing strained or painful bowel movements, or they happen infrequently, you should meet with your doctor to see if a gut cleanse is a good idea.
  • Acne. Granted, if you’ve been skipping your nightly and morning face cleansing routine, you’re more likely to have acne. However, acne can also be caused by inflammation due to a leaky gut. If bacteria have escaped into your bloodstream, you can expect to see few a pimples.
  • Mental Health Issues. While mental illness can be a result of your genetic makeup and you could have inherited anxiety and depression from a relative, your suffering might lessen if you have a clean gut. If you have a leaky gut, it could affect your body’s ability to regulate serotonin and vitamin D.
  • Food Allergies. Are you unable to tolerate soft serve ice cream or an extra helping of breadsticks at dinner? An unhealthy gut can make digesting foods with a lot of dairy or gluten very difficult. You might find relief from your food allergies and additional inflammation if you connect with your doctor about doing a gut cleanse, and limit these types of foods in your diet.
  • Sugar Cravings. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of harmful bacteria in your gut, your body will crave foods that are bad for you, especially foods that are high in sugar. If you notice that you want sugar more than usual, or you’ve had a hard time curbing your sugar urges, then you need to meet with your doctor to discuss whether or not a gut cleanse is the reset that your body needs.

Toxins make their way into our bodies over time, and a gut cleanse can help with cleaning out leftover toxins that slow down the way we think, interfere in our daily activities with illness, or add a few extra digits onto the number on the scale. A gut cleanse might help with balancing the good and bad bacteria in your colon.


When you’re going through a gut cleanse, it’s likely that you’ll have a few bowel movements that will help to expel the buildup of toxins and old waste in your body. When this happens, you might lose a few pounds because you’re not carrying a buildup of toxins and any waste that was lying in wait in your digestive tract.

However, don’t expect to lose a ton of weight from a gut cleanse alone. Once your cleanse is over, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor and see how they think that you should proceed with your weight loss journey.


Brain fog can be caused by many things. Brain fog is characterized by a lack of focus, foggy memory, and a reduced sense of sharpness. When you have a leaky gut, undigested food particles and toxins can escape your digestive tract and make their way into your bloodstream, which can result in a few symptoms like brain fog.

A gut cleanse can help to reset your body and brain, and make your day to day functions feel a little bit easier.


If you’ve been suffering from constipation and bloating, a gut cleanse can help with that. When you initially begin your cleanse, you’re going to have a few bowel movements, and that will help to clean out old bacteria and build up in your digestive system.

However, a gut cleanse can get you on the right track to preventing constipation overall because your digestive system has been shocked into action. The relief of constipation can eliminate some of its symptoms like blockage in your rectum, hard or lumpy stools, or strain when you have a bowel movement.


A gut cleanse will help to eliminate old toxins and waste in your digestive tract, however, it can also improve other areas of your body. If you have additional fat on your body, a gut cleanse will help you start your weight loss journey, and leave you a few pounds lighter.

When you weigh less, you’ll have less estrogen in your body, and an excess of estrogen can make conception a bit harder. For men, sperm can be affected by toxins in your body. Additionally, if your colon is weight down by additional build up, it can press onto your reproductive organs, and provide another hurdle in your mission to get pregnant.


Even the best bodies need more maintenance when it comes to checking in with your gut. It’s important to keep your eyes open for symptoms of an unhealthy gut and to consider a gut cleanse if that’s the most reasonable next step for you. A gut cleanse can be the beginning of a template for weight loss, relief from brain fog, and a lighter, and healthier body.  

Body Fuse Purify is designed to combine powerful herbalingredients that work together and may enhance how well your entire GI tract is able to perform by systematically breaking down and eliminating toxic mucoid plaque. Uva Ursi, Barberry, Slippery Elm, Peppermint leaves, and Flax seed may soothe and disinfect your GI tract, may promote healthy digestion, and have been shown to serve as powerful antioxidants that scavenge the body for cell-damaging free radicals. Boldo leaf and Burdock have similar effects, in addition, help you avoid bloating and retaining excess water. The Bentonite Clay in Purify’s arsenal has been shown to be a powerful natural detoxifier that may eliminate a wide array of unhealthy substances from your GI tract. Because most toxins have a positive charge, they may bind to Bentonite Clay, which has a negative charge, it’s a magnet that attracts toxins.  As Bentonite Clay can not be absorbed by your body, there has been shown to be no negative side effects, it simply exits along with all the impurities it came in contact with. Finally, Cascara Sagrada, Buckthorne bark, Psyllium seed, Senna, Milk Thistle, Aloes, and Turkey Rhubarb may finish the job by further breaking down mucoid plaque, have been shown to tone the muscle walls of your GI tract, may detoxify your liver, kidneys and gall bladder, and may prompt your body to regularly expel everything that’s been clogging it, weighing it down, and harmfully building up in it.

As Purify may flush your system of these toxins over a three to five month cleansing cycle, your GI tract will become increasingly healthy and may absorb nutrients more efficiently than ever before. Not only will Purify likely enhance the loss of pounds of mucoid plaque and other toxins, a highly functional GI tract means a boosted metabolism, which makes Purify the perfect match for any diet program or weight management system.

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