Quality Standards


Body Fuse products are made exclusively in the USA in cGMP facilities sourcing and utilizing only FDA approved ingredients.  Our products follow strict formulation, ingredient and manufacturing guidelines, ensuring the highest level of quality our customers trust and rely on.

Our team uses only the best raw ingredients in our formulations so we can be confident in the efficacy of our products.  The sports nutrition world is filled with fly-by-night companies trying to make a buck on the consumer.  In your search for sports nutrition to support your fitness goals, take time to ask for certifications, Certificates of Analysis and the supporting documentation to back up label claims.  The Body Fuse mission is to provide transparency in labeling and provide upon request all the information you need to feel comfortable consuming our products.

We are in the fitness journey together, we will support you 100% and provide only the highest quality ingredients in our products.


Cortni and The Body Fuse Team